Every expert tip you need to know before buying a garden summer house in Ireland.

A garden house is a focal point of any home's garden, so choosing the right one is critical in ensuring you invest in the proper structure for all of your needs. When looking to buy a garden house, the primary considerations you should consider include the style, size, purpose, and location within the garden itself.

To help set you to decide which is suitable for you, the industry experts at Gardenhouse Ireland have laid out some of our top tips to consider when starting your summer garden house-buying journey.

1. Use considerations for your garden house

It's important to consider what you plan to do with the garden house before choosing one. Think about the requirements of your lifestyle and what sort of environment you will need to create for you to achieve it. This will ensure that it won't disappoint, for instance, if it is not big enough, especially if you need to include heating and electrical accessories.

Suppose you are looking at using the garden house for more than just working, such as entertaining or escaping the daily grind. In that case, you will want to factor in enough space for a seating area. A larger garden house with a partition is ideal for such a purpose. In bigger wooden garden houses, you can create different areas to keep the rooms spacious for your guests without losing functionality.

2. Do your own research

Previewing a large number of garden house designs before purchasing your own will provide you with inspiration for your own project. We love Facebook and Instagram, but Gardenhosue Ireland's website has an expansive range of previous designs that will help you see the possibilities.


3. Set a budget for your summer garden house

Most businesses display their base pricing for their garden house in their catalogue or, like ours, online. Calculating the cost of a garden house early on will help you establish which company is right for you. If you are unsure what kind of budget you will need to allow, talk to the company to understand the costs involved.

Obviously, we have garden houses to suit all budgets, but check out precisely what you will get for your money.

There can be lots of variation.

Gardenhouse Ireland products always come with free delivery within mainland Ireland and come complete with a 5-10 year anti-rot warranty, so you don't need to worry about that.

Gardenhouse Ireland will provide you with a detailed quote to ensure you consider all environmental factors in your garden house design, including windows, roofs, foundations and installation. Be sure to also discuss what requirements you need - maybe you think a smaller one is better now. Yet, with newer family arrivals, you may need a bigger size structure for you and your household in the near future.


4. Where will your garden house go in your garden?

Consider where you want your garden house to be in the garden: weather, sun exposure and practicality will all decide where to position your garden house.

An example is how close or far away from your house you will want it placed. Depending on what you wish to use it for, you might want the garden house situated further from your home to provide escapism. Others may want to be able to walk out their back door as more of a home extension.


5. Choosing a wooden garden house

Think about the material of the garden house. Gardenhouse Ireland uses Nordic timber to create a beautiful, durable and long-lasting structure that is virtually maintenance-free.

The timber type used for a garden house affects how long it will last. Slow-grown woods are denser than fast-growing trees, so they are more durable. Gardenhouse Ireland always uses slow grown Nordic spruce to ensure quality and longevity, withstand the harsh Scandinavian climate. Each of our product descriptions lists other product-specific advantages.

Also, using laminated wood for doorframes and pressure-treating foundation joists can increase a garden house's longevity.


6. Garden house styles

Choosing the style for your garden house is almost as important as selecting the extras. The result will undoubtedly enhance your investment and add to the wow factor. Should you consider selling your property or to impress neighbours and friends.

Gardenhouse Ireland has a vast range of styles, from classic and more simplistic wooden houses or more multifunctional styles that can serve a range of uses.


7. Garden house extras

Having an idea of your garden house's ultimate purpose will help you think about the internal layout. garden houses are great spaces for seedlings to grow and plants to thrive, so making the most of your inside space is very important.

Additionally, electrical and heating accessories are ideal for enhancing the environment you wish to spend more time in.


Pick a design with windows according to how you plan to use your garden home. Glass windows keep more light into the garden home down but offer less insulation.

Windows are warm enough for spring and summer, maybe into early autumn, but winter can get cold. Fortunately, Gardenhouse Ireland has premium quality doors and windows with rubber seals and tempered glass for better insulation. Plus, both solid wood and laminated door and window frames.


Our PREMIUM-series windows have the following features:


  • Wall thickness: 70-114mm
  • Wood type: pine
  • U-value: 7W/m²K
  • Rubber seals: yes
  • Window frame: laminated
  • Glazing: 3-6-3mm
  • Window water gutter: wood & aluminium
  • Window opening: Tilt&Turn, one-hand system
  • Colour: natural


Also, with logs, each can have various thicknesses and come with insulated wall options if you plan to use the garden house all year round (see the section below).


The timber type used for a garden building will impact how long your wooden garden house lasts. Slow-grown timbers are denser than fast-growing trees, like the Nordic pine and spruce we use, so they are more durable.

Other additions also boost longevity. For instance, we also have laminated wood for windows and doorframes and insulated walls that keep the wood less prone to rot.

So, if you invest in a garden house that you wish to enjoy for years and decades, choose a good company that supplies a range of log profiles, including laminated logs. As mentioned, Gardenhouse Ireland always uses slow grown Nordic spruce to ensure quality and longevity. Each of our product descriptions lists other product-specific advantages.


These will determine how a big difference in how practical your garden house will be. With storage space, it's crucial to get big objects like bicycles, garden equipment or even fitness equipment in and out. To do this, you'll need some good-sized doors.

As with windows, each product page contains technical drawings and parameters that specify where the doors will be. Our premium quality doors have rubber seals and tempered glass for better insulation.

Gardenhouse Ireland has various door options depending upon the purpose of the building and the required thermal resistance levels. The doors are made from spruce and pine to guarantee the best quality.

In addition to conventional single and double doors, we provide various folding and sliding door solutions. These doors make it possible to open up a garden house on a lovely summer's day to help turn a garden house into a gazebo.

Roof angle and flooring

If the roof gradient contrasts with other nearby buildings, then your garden house will not blend in with the other aesthetic of your home.

For your convenience, all our product pages display what type of roof and its overhang and the type of foundation required, for instance, thermal blocks, concrete slab or paving stones.

Additionally, you should check the different gradient and square meter sizes and the type of finishing and log profile. As with log thickness, the best materials for all year use would be thicker floor and ceiling material, whilst thinner would be fine for summer.

Construction and installation

Not all of us are DIY enthusiasts who do this as a hobby, so if this sounds like you, you will need to consider getting some help with assembling our flatpack unpacking.

Most of our garden house flat-packed is delivered with instructions, so if you have some DIY skills, you are okay to get started without help.

Gardenhouse Ireland products always clearly state if they can be made with DIY tools or if professional installation is required.

Suppose you're looking for more straightforward construction. In that case, much of our modern garden building range features pre-assembled wall and roof elements, ideal for a hassle-free build.

As a rule, two people with a decent DIY experience and a basic tool kit can be erected in most of our garden houses. It's only the larger style buildings and logs cabin homes that require professional installation. If you'd like Gardenhouse Ireland to build your garden house, add the installation service to the cart (€2,090) as an optional extra. If you have questions about installation, just get in contact for a quote.

Log types

Different building types require different wall materials to provide the necessary structural integrity and sufficient thermal resistance. For better thermal resistance levels, Gardenhouse Ireland produces wall constructions insulated from the outside or inside. Typically, the thicker wall equates to better insulation and better thermal stability.

Our products have three types of wall construction depending upon the purpose of the building:


  • massive logs
  • laminated logs
  • insulated wall constructions


Read these 7 expert tips for buying a garden house

There is a lot to consider when buying a garden house. Before purchasing, you'll have to look at everything from the size, shape, and style to the contents and surrounding landscape. An excellent place to start gathering inspiration for your garden house project is by getting in contact to discuss your structure with their expert team.