With panoramic views and a terrace: Stylish outdoor living room by the lake (Construction story)

A modern, cozy, and weatherproof outdoor living room was the wish of a family for their lakeside residence. After extensive research, they chose the elegant lounge garden house Q-BIC ALU 44 B, which, with its floor-to-ceiling glass sliding doors, allows for unobstructed views outside. Beautifully furnished and perfectly integrated into the property, along with a front wooden terrace, it earned the family the well-deserved 2nd prize in the 2022 photo contest.

Well chosen: The Q-Bic-Alu 44 B lounge garden house

In 2019, the family purchased the beautifully located "House by the Lake." Since all members of the family - parents and their two children - enjoy spending as much time as possible outdoors, they considered a spacious and diverse outdoor area important. Four partially covered seating and lounging areas were set up around the house. What was missing was a completely weatherproof outdoor living room that could also be used in winter. They were searching for a modern garden house made of natural wood but with large windows for an unobstructed view of the lake.

The choice fell on the elegant Q-Bic-Alu 44 B lounge garden house, which found its place right next to the main residence.

"In search of the ideal solution, we came across various providers. The garden house factory caught our attention because we found not only the most beautiful but also the most diverse range of options that we could imagine and that met our requirements. Taking all criteria into consideration, we quickly decided on the Q-BIC ALU 44 B model. We were thrilled that we could receive all our desired features, such as wall or floorboard thickness, glass fronts, and appropriate dimensions, in this beautiful and modern design at a fair price. Although we researched other options, we always compared them to the Q-BIC and never received a comparable offer. We were smitten and eventually stopped searching for other possibilities and focused on the actual implementation."

Reading something like this naturally brings us joy! And as you can see, the integration of the garden house has been very successful. Painted in a light gray color and stylishly furnished, the new outdoor living room fits perfectly into the intended location.

Clear lines, simple forms, no frills: the architectural features of the Bauhaus-inspired modernism are perfectly embodied in the design of the Q-Bic-Alu lounge garden house. With an uncompromisingly minimalist construction, the house is reduced to the shape of a cube, only interrupted by the large aluminum sliding doors.

Building Site and Foundation

This is what the building site looked like in winter before the construction work began.

The space at the property boundary did not have a specific function until now, making it perfect for the planned outdoor living room. The lounge garden house was ordered in the spring of 2021, but the delivery took longer than initially anticipated due to material and supply shortages caused by the pandemic. However, during the waiting period, the family remained active. Among other things, they were able to complete this lovely wooden terrace in front of the building site.

The preparatory work also included the construction of the point foundation that would support the lounge garden house. A point foundation requires much less concrete than a concrete slab or strip foundation. It consists of several "point-shaped" individual foundations that are built at regular intervals. This requires precision in measuring, excavating, and formwork for each individual foundation. They must protrude from the ground exactly enough for the base beams of the garden house to rest completely level. As you can see, this has been perfectly achieved here.

Who would still want to go on vacation? We congratulate the family on their successful project and wish them many years of joy with the Q-Bic-Alu 44 outdoor living room!

Construction and Assembly

Once the delivery of the Q-Bic-Alu 44 B lounge garden house finally arrived, it was time for the exciting assembly process. The individual components, pre-cut to size and labeled, were carefully unloaded and unpacked.

Regarding the assembly of the doors, family member writes:

" On the fourth day of assembly, the glass sliding doors were installed, which were a bit more complicated because the locking system was not initially described clearly. However, with the help of YouTube videos, we were able to figure out the logic ourselves."

In such cases, customers are welcome to consult the expert advice from the garden house factory! As you can see, thanks to the video on installing the aluminum sliding doors, we were ultimately successful even without remote assistance.

Aluminum sliding doors fit perfectly with the current lounge style of the Q-Bic-Alu garden houses. They showcase an unprecedented openness, providing a wide view of the lake and allowing access to the breakfast terrace on the side.

The Paint: Coordinated colors inside and outside

The color concept for the lounge garden house has been carefully designed to harmonize with the surroundings, as reported by the homeowner:

When choosing the exterior color, we placed value on a natural "weathered tone" because we did not treat the Garapa wood deck with any finishes. We want it to naturally gray over time, visually blending into the overall picture.

Color also plays a significant role inside the house. The roof beams have been stained in a dark wood tone, allowing the wood grain to still show through:

The interior walls shine in pure white, providing enough brightness despite the darker ceiling:

The lounge garden house is now assembled and painted, time for the topping-out ceremony! For this occasion, interim furniture is first set up so that the whole family can celebrate together.

The roof structure was assembled, ensuring proper insulation and protection from the elements. The high-quality materials used in the construction of the Q-Bic-Alu 44 B lounge garden house would guarantee durability and comfort throughout the seasons

Following the topping-out ceremony, the wooden floor also receives its attractive finish in dark anthracite:

After the main structure was completed, attention was turned to the interior design. The family carefully selected modern and comfortable furniture pieces, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere within their new outdoor living room.

A Perfect Integration

With the construction and furnishing complete, the Q-Bic-Alu 44 B lounge garden house seamlessly integrated into the lakeside property. Its sleek design and panoramic views perfectly complemented the natural surroundings.

Whether it's a quiet afternoon of reading, enjoying a meal with family and friends, or simply taking in the beauty of nature, the stylish outdoor living room provided an ideal space for the family to relax and unwind.

Final Touches and Celebration

With the project completed, the family celebrated their new outdoor living room with a small gathering of friends and neighbors. The atmosphere was filled with joy and appreciation for the hard work and dedication that went into creating this beautiful space.

The project was a testament to the family's vision and the quality of the Q-Bic-Alu 44 B lounge garden house. The outdoor living room not only fulfilled their initial wish for a weatherproof and modern space but also exceeded their expectations in terms of comfort and aesthetics.

Family's wish for a modern, cozy, and weatherproof outdoor living room became a reality with the elegant Q-Bic-Alu 44 B lounge garden house. With its floor-to-ceiling glass sliding doors and stunning views, it seamlessly integrated into their lakeside residence. The family's dedication and careful selection earned them the well-deserved 2nd prize in the 2022 photo contest. Congratulations to the family on their successful project and may they enjoy many delightful years in their Q-Bic-Alu 44 outdoor living room!