Is a garden office worth the money?

It’s natural that many start questioning their decision to invest in a garden office. Why do we use the word “invest”? Let’s put it this way.

The average UK employee spends £ 4.9 a day on commuting. The workers that are travelling to London for work spend £ 10.2 a day on commute. 

All in all, British workers spend 492 days of their lives travelling to work.  

What about food? The average hard-working Brit spends over £ 6 a day on lunch, while one in three eat the same lunch on repeat. Those working in London spend over £ 15 a day on lunch. That’s at least £ 450 a month! 

Working at home you could cut out the costs on commuting entirely and at least half of the money spent on lunch.

This means you could save at least £ 1,200 a year on commute and at least £ 700 on your lunches on workdays. Over 10 years the savings add up to nearly £ 20,000.

This means that you could have more than enough money to spend on a turnkey garden office with everything you need to be more productive while saving over a year of your lifetime that is spent on travelling to work.

Would you like to save up to £ 2,000 a year and an hour a day on commute?

Have a look at this turnkey garden office deal made for you!

Garden Office LISA 44 A

Turnkey package price: £ 11,775

The turnkey package includes:

  • Lisa 44 A cabin with doors and windows included £ 3,750 (discount price)
  • Included in the cabin price: 18 mm floorboards, roofboards and impregnated terrace boards
  • Concrete adjustable pads foundation with construction £ 1,200*
  • Cabin installation £ 1,150
  • Insulated EPDM roof construction with aluminium trims and a rear gutter £ 2,100**
  • Floor insulation £ 650
  • 3 coats of exterior paint, 2 coats of interior paint, and floor treatment £ 1,900
  • Electrical installation (connection with the main house, small distribution point, 2 twin sockets and a simple internal lighting arrangement) £ 1,025***

Daily cost over 10 years: 
£ 4.7

Yearly cost over 10 years: 
£ 1,177.5

* The final cost of the foundation will be determined after we have assessed the state of the construction surface. If the surface is slopy or is excessively moist, then the type of foundation and the price might change accordingly.
** You can also choose to have an uninsulated roof covered with roof felt, costing £ 1,200.
*** The final price of electrical work depends on the distance between the garden room and the connection point and on the complexity of the electrical arrangement.

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