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  1. NEW!
    Sturdy double garage and carport 44 for 4 vehicles | 10.6m x 5.3m (35' x 19' 6'') 44mm
    Sturdy double garage and carport 44 for 4 vehicles | 10.6m x 5.3m (35' x 19' 6'') 44mm
    Sturdy double garage and carport 44 for 4 vehicles | 10.6m x 5.3m (35' x 19' 6'') 44mm
    28 m²
    44 mm
    595 X 1065 cm
    Double garage and carport both open outwards to allow maximum space to bring your vehicles inside and outside. A great solution for keeping two daily drivers sheltered under a carport, with a hobby car and motorcycle in the garage, and still have room left over for a riding mower and gardening tools or a work bench! The wooden logs used in the walls are all 44 mm for sturdy reliability.
    Starting from: €9,130.00
  2. NEW!
    Superb wooden carport for 2 vehicles HANS 70 | 9.6 m x 6.1 m (31'6'' x 20'1'') 70 mm
    Superb wooden carport for 2 vehicles HANS 70 | 9.6 m x 6.1 m (31'6'' x 20'1'') 70 mm
    Superb wooden carport for 2 vehicles HANS 70 | 9.6 m x 6.1 m (31'6'' x 20'1'') 70 mm
    14 m²
    70 mm
    960 X 612 cm

    This wooden carport is perfect for keeping your car, motorbike, gardening equipment, and much more well protected and secure. If your household has more than one car then HANS 70 is the ultimate carport you can wish for! It provides adequate shelter for two drivers and also has a shed for a motorcycle, a riding mower, or garden tools. Keep your life organized and enjoy the benefits of perfect division of space with HANS 70! We deliver fast in mainland Ireland.

    Starting from: €9,250.00
  3. NEW!
    Wooden 4 vehicle garage DOUBLE GARAGE AND CARPORT 70 | 10.6 m x 5.3 m (35' x 19'6'') 70 mm
    Wooden 4 vehicle garage DOUBLE GARAGE AND CARPORT 70 | 10.6 m x 5.3 m (35' x 19'6'') 70 mm
    Wooden 4 vehicle garage DOUBLE GARAGE AND CARPORT 70 | 10.6 m x 5.3 m (35' x 19'6'') 70 mm
    28 m²
    70 mm
    595 X 1065 cm
    This spacious wooden garage is the ideal place not only for keeping your car safe, but also somewhere to put your belongings. Double garage and carport is an execptional place, where to keep your daily cars sheltered under a carport and still have room left for other vehicles, such as hobby cars ir motorcycles in the garage. A spacious garage has room for all your garden tools and belongings to keep your life organized. Upgrade your living space now and contact us for more information.
    Starting from: €12,687.00
  4. NEW!
    Two wooden carports with a shed HANS 44 | 9.6m x 6.1m (31' 6'' x 20' 1'') 44mm
    Two wooden carports with a shed HANS 44 | 9.6m x 6.1m (31' 6'' x 20' 1'') 44mm
    Two wooden carports with a shed HANS 44 | 9.6m x 6.1m (31' 6'' x 20' 1'') 44mm
    14 m²
    44 mm
    960 X 612 cm
    Great protection for your car and belongings.The HANS 44 is an elegant carport solution that provides sufficient shelter for two daily drivers, but also has a shed in the middle for a motorcycle or any other items you may wish to keep indoors - perhaps your gardening tools. With this exceptional building, you can take any option you wish.
    Starting from: €6,670.00

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Wooden garages and carports

A wooden garage is one of the best gifts you can give your car! Wooden structures breathe naturally and prevent excessive moisture build-up, keeping your vehicles safe from mould and mildew.

Garages and carports are a perfect solution if you want to keep your car in a safe place and protect it against snowfall, heavy rain or other Irish weather conditions.

By installing a wooden carport on your premises, you will finally be able to make sure that your vehicles stay protected from the sun and the winter weather conditions at all times.

Select among a variety of different sizes, or even get one with a wooden garden shed attached for securely storing all your garden equipment.

Wooden carports protect your cars and vehicles

Wooden carports are a highly valued addition to households garden areas. They offer excellent car protection from direct sunshine, rain and snow.

Why should you consider a carport?

First, wooden carports perfectly combine an aesthetically pleasing appearance in addition to optimal functionality.

Secondly, a carport provides an open shelter for your car, SUV, motorbike or even a truck or tractor. Thus, it offers natural ventilation properties, ensuring vehicle protection from lingering moisture, as is often the case with traditional garage buildings.

And lastly, they offer high levels of durability. However, it is crucial to take good care of your carport and regularly treat the wood with a protective coating. Proper treatment of your wooden carport will serve you for many years to come and be permanently protected from harsh Irish weather conditions, insects and mould.

Wooden carport kits are easy to assemble

A wooden carport is a timeless apiece of outside wooden excellent, made of Nordic timber and easily complements your home surroundings without cluttering your space with massive unattractive metal or brick constructions.

At Gardenhouse Ireland, we have a variety of wooden garage models to choose from, plus stylish design options, sizes, tints available – the design can have either a flat or apex roof construction.

Our wooden carports arrive in ready-to-assemble kits, making it easy to install the carport in a couple of days. Although, if you would like us to install the carport, we offer a professional assembly service.

Wooden carports for more cars and larger families

When it comes to large families, the need for space burst is paramount. Double wooden carports nicely fit two cars in and provide extra space to move around conveniently.

To ensure maximum spaciousness and comfort, Gardenhouse Ireland has developed a wooden double car double garage so that you can conveniently store your vehicles and still have storage space available for all the additional equipment.

We've noticed that some of our customers prefer having a closed space for their vehicles' protection; thus, we have gorgeous wooden garage models available, a few of which with single and double carports attached as well.

The versatility of wooden carports

Due to their design and construction specifics, wooden carports could be a great affordable alternative to garage models, providing a more comprehensive range of usage possibilities.

A wooden carport can serve as a versatile shaded area, protecting you and your family from direct sunlight yet enabling us to spend more time outdoors.

When not in immediate use, you can use this space like a porch or a covered terrace.

Our carports have reinforced roof construction to resist the harsh Irish weather conditions, like heavy rain, snow, hail and wind, thus creating a perfect shelter not only for your car but also for your other household needs.

Wooden garages for self-assembly or professional installation

Our garages and carports are constructed off-site at the factory for quick assembly in your garden by you or an installation crew, reducing the disruption and chaos of a traditional building project. Carports can be installed in a matter of hours to days.

We also provide a highly skilled installation service to install your new garage on a previously prepared base in a matter of hours. If you want us to prepare everything from the ground up, then be sure to contact us for custom installation solutions.

PS: Order any of our in-stock garages today, and we'll deliver them from our Irish warehouse to your door within two weeks. The lead time on made-to-order products is 10–12 weeks.

Wooden carports – an affordable Solution

In addition to its vast array of benefits, a carport is generally a practical, easy and affordable solution for your vehicle's daily protection. It is cheaper than regular garages, as getting a wooden carport costs much less than building a brick or stone garage.

Even on a budget, households can have an excellent wooden carport for one or two cars constructed on their home, far cheaper than building even a small garage building.

Wooden carports and wooden garages

Adding a permanent single car garage to a property that currently does not have one can increase your property's sale value by up 11% (According to Build It). Permanent carports can also make the property more attractive to buyers looking for protection for vehicles or an all-weather outdoor workspace.

This makes a wooden garage or carport a sound investment – protecting your vehicle now and potentially boosting the value and saleability of your property in future. And if you don't want to part with your new wooden garage, you don't have to! Just disassemble it and bring it with you to a new location.

Contact us if you have any questions!

We supply reasonably-priced, high-quality garages and carports direct to your outdoor space!

Choose your favourite and have it delivered as a flat pack to install it yourself, or use our professional installation service for a completely stress-free experience.

Garages & Carports FAQs

When will my garage or carport be delivered?

We offer delivery on all garages and carports sold to customers in Ireland.

Delivery for products in stock at our warehouse usually takes from 2–4 weeks, and delivery of products that need to be shipped from our factory takes between 10–12 weeks.

Delivery is carried out on working days, and we will contact you in advance to make the necessary arrangements.

Do you deliver garages or carports outside of Ireland?

If you want delivery to other areas of the British Isles or anywhere else in the world, contact us and ask for a quotation. We can arrange worldwide delivery and will provide you with a quote.

Do you charge for unloading my garage or carport?

Our delivery service includes the unloading of your new garage or carport, free of charge! We will never ask you to help us with the unloading process, and we ask for no extra charge for it.

Do I need a foundation for my garage or carport?

The most important thing is that the foundation or base is level, can carry the weight of the building, and does not allow any wooden components to contract with moisture or soil. 

An insufficient foundation, on the other hand, might create gaps between the wall planks, cause issues with windows and doors, and lead to premature rotting or permanent damage to your building. 

More information on foundations can be read here.

Does my garage or carport need planning permission?

If you are buying a garage or carport, it would be wise to check if you require planning permission. We’ve put together a guide here.

How do I assemble the garage or carport myself?

Our garage or carport comes with an easy-to-follow installation guide to help you through the process of assembly. This means that with essential tools and a helping hand, it is possible to install the majority of our garage or carport by yourself. We advise using professional help if you have ordered a garage or carport that is more complicated or larger. 

If you are interested in taking advantage of our installation service, please add the installation option to the shopping cart before making your purchase. We will get in touch with you to schedule a time and discuss the details of the installation.

You can read more about assembly here.

How do I maintain my garage or carport?

Garages or carports have a natural look and a healthy indoor climate. Still, wood as the primary construction material has its own requirements. If you want to preserve the longevity of your garage or carport and keep our warranty valid, please read the maintenance guidelines carefully.

How long is the warranty for my garage or carport?

Gardenhouse 24 values quality and craftsmanship. That’s why we are confident in giving our garages or carports an anti-rot warranty from 5-10 years (depending on the product) to ensure your enjoyment of the garage or carport is not hampered by any quality issues. Read more here.

How can I pay for my garage or carport?

At Gardenhouse24, we want to make your garage or carport as easy as possible to buy. This means that in addition to free delivery in Ireland we provide flexible financing options.

Unfortunately, we can’t start to process your order before you make a down payment of 20% of the total price of the order. You can also pay the whole sum at checkout, but 20% is the minimum amount required to place an order. 

Prior to delivery of the item, you will receive an email reminder so you can pay the outstanding 80% balance on your garage or carport.

You are welcome to make a bank transfer or pay with a credit card online or over the phone. We use Stripe as our certified partner for online credit card payments. If it is not possible to use these payment methods, get in touch with us for an alternative solution.

What if I change my mind?

You have the right to cancel this contract for any reason within 14 days. To do this, you must inform us that you wish to cancel in writing via:



FAX: +353 61 260 581 of your decision to cancel this contract by a clear statement (e.g. a letter sent by post, fax or email).

For more detailed information, read our page: Right to Cancel.

For more detailed information about payments and financing, please read our terms and conditions.