We all have thoughts and preferences on our home and lifestyle and our decisions to improve our home to match our lifestyle. For some, this includes building a home sauna.

A home sauna does not necessarily mean a sauna within your home; it could refer to an outdoor sauna in your garden. Whilst you can undoubtedly opt for not having a home sauna, investing in a home sauna or an outdoor sauna is worth it for the health benefits.

Home sauna location

The first question many have to buy a home sauna is where are you going to put it?

It depends on the type of home sauna you want. An infrared sauna does not need a water sauce. Unlike a traditional sauna, it is heated by an infrared heater that requires a water source to produce steam.

Thus, you can either build a sauna within your home, like in a garage or a spare room or have a standalone unit placed in a bathroom if your bathroom is big enough. However, an outdoor sauna means you do not have to convert your home and use space in the garden, so you do not have to sacrifice home space.


Home saunas are a sense of luxury

Before delving into the obvious health benefits, is it worth it to invest in a home sauna to add a touch of luxury and opulence to your home.

Home and outdoor Sauna designs are more luxurious than ever, from barrel saunas to sauna cabins to indoor standalone units, allowing buyers to customise their sauna experience the way they want it. Imagine having your spa sanctuary at home – that's precisely what it's like with a home sauna.

Impress your family and loved ones

Saunas have been used for generations by families and friends to socialise with one another. A home sauna is a great idea that can impress friends and neighbours coming over.

Saunas enjoy a high perceived value, with many people overestimating the costs associated with building and installing a sauna. A home or outdoor sauna will provide a pleasant impression when people are visiting or staying with you.


Customise your home sauna

Home saunas can be customised in several ways to your desire and liking. Sauna designs can be either functional or can give a pleasant aesthetic view.

Suppose you want aromatherapy with essential oils, colour therapy, music, or other functionality. In that case, a lot can be built into a home sauna design.


Home saunas relieve aches and pains

If you have stiff joints, aches, and pains, a sauna is natural to remedy these afflictions. Old and young alike, the daily stresses we place on our bodies builds up.

Fortunately, there is a relief if you use a home sauna. Muscle aches, stiff joints, post-exercise induced soreness and long-term aches and pains can be remedied by the health benefits of using a sauna. Saunas, for instance, relax tendons, ligaments, and joints by temporarily relaxing muscles. Thus, they help relieve arthritic and other types of musculoskeletal pain.

Suppose you have a chronic condition or injury. In that case, a home sauna can provide an escape from the excess pain and discomfort.

It's like having a private sanctuary

One of the primary reasons why homeowners buy saunas is for stress relief and relaxation. We face stress daily. We try to combat this with exercise, diet, massages, acupuncture, and different high-expense treatments.

Whilst some of these work to boost our immune systems, it's not always as relaxing as a private sauna can be. Within minutes, you'll instantly feel a reduction in your anxiety and stress levels. And what's more, you do not need to remain in a home sauna for long, no more than 20-30 minutes will do.

Because saunas cause your body to release endorphins, they help reduce stress and increase your energy level. No matter if the sauna is located at an idyllic beach, in the corner of your bedroom or your garden shed.


Aids in detoxification

Detoxification of the lymphatic system is a genuine concern for many people. Our bodies take in so many toxins over the day – more than our ancestors did before us, by a long shot.

More of us are becoming sicker from the number of toxins we consume, with studies connecting illnesses like ALS to toxic bacteria. A sauna helps relieve some of the stress put on our bodies by creating more efficiency in our internal systems.


Health skin

Spend time in a sauna, and your skin pores will open. The sauna also increases blood flow bringing your blood closer to your skin and extremities.

Nutrients can better reach the epidermis, boosting cellular growth and skin rejuvenation and reducing facial tension.

A tremendous additional benefit because your newfound longevity is only so much fun if you're walking around wrinkled like a mouldy raisin.

Modernises your home

The health benefits aside, a home sauna does wonders for the value of a home's property, providing you with yet another selling point should you decide to move on in the future.

There are many furnishings you can add to improve your home value. A home sauna is a modern look you can give to any house, and buyers will instantly appreciate its value. It's beautiful, functional, and the benefits alone will add value in the eyes of any buyer or visitor.


Relieves nasal congestion in colds and touches of flu

Another excellent health benefit of a sauna is that it aids in relieving congestion in nasal cavities. If you are prone to or struggle with cases of flu or regular colds, then try a sauna. Having one in your home can provide instant relief when needed.

When you're feeling unwell, knowing you have invested in a home sauna that you can enter any time will offer some relief. Congestion is brutal to live with and waiting for it to clear sometimes isn't an option.

Besides opening up airway passages, there's another respiratory benefit.

Saunas may also offer relief for those who belong to the increasing part of the population struck by sinusitis in the past decades (sinusitis is inflammation of one or more sinus membranes).

Especially infrared saunas seem to help by opening up passages and draining bacteria-laden mucous. This is merely anecdotal evidence but considering the widespread occurrence and persistency of sinus problems is noteworthy.


A home sauna doesn't cost a lot to operate

One of your concerns in buying a sauna is that it will cost a lot of energy and electricity. This couldn't be further from the truth.

Whilst a traditional sauna can increase electricity usage by a relatively significant amount, with modern-day infrared home saunas, you're not going to see your electricity bills climb increase too much. An outdoor sauna does not cost a lot of money spent on electricity.


How much does a home sauna cost to operate?

Although this varies per household, an investment in a home or outdoor sauna will not consume too much on your power bills. You may find it utterly unnoticeable on your bill.

Furthermore, it depends on your usage. Using a home sauna every day will likely increase your power costs, but most of us will probably only use it a couple of times a week.


Home sauna maintenance

Sauna maintenance does not involve all that much. Unless there's a problem with the technology, and really there should not be, then your home sauna will require little maintenance.

Suppose you need a part replaced due to damage or general 'wear and tear'. In that case, the manufacturer can likely provide the parts you need to complete your home sauna. As long as it's installed correctly, homeowners only need to clean the floors and walls and ensure the stones are not damaged.


It's the only way you're getting a spa at home

The short-term benefits of home saunas are essentially creating your home spa and health sanctuary. If you wish to pamper yourself or others, a spa day with some time in a sauna, a nice shower, some moisturising, a facial, and whatever else works as a retreat from the stresses of daily life.

Home saunas are an excellent investment, contributing value to your health and your property itself. Provided you do not skimp on quality; you'll have a home sauna ready for decades down the line.


What is the best type of home sauna?

The best saunas to install in your home should be those with top-of-the-line performance and provides excellent value for your money.

As saunas are more inexpensive than they've ever been, this has meant some low-quality models making their way into the marketplace.

Instead of buying a new television or a holiday for your relaxation, buy a sauna instead. Perhaps postpone getting that new smart LED TV (plasma is way better anyway) and upgrade your home with the healthiest room possible.

Many of us don't think twice before spending a thousand bucks on a giant television or the latest tablet.

Contrary to plunking your butt down in front of the TV, regularly sitting in your home sauna will boost your health tremendously.

Unlike hot tubs and swimming pools, saunas require little to no maintenance. You'll have to clean the floor now and then. That's pretty much it.

Saunas have almost no moving parts that can cause a breakdown. This goes for all types of sauna heaters, from gas and wood to electricity.

A home sauna is a considerable expense. Still, it adds value to your home, relaxes the mind, promotes sleep, eases out stress and strengthens your body.


What if your home cannot fit a sauna?

How much floor space you need depends on if you're getting a free-standing sauna or one prebuilt. Saunas don't necessarily have to take up a lot of space in your home. But there are some things to keep in mind.

You can get a home sauna outside of your home, not taking up any more space indoors but still adding value to your home.

Whether you choose to locate your home sauna in the basement, the attic, the garage, a room, or the garden, there has to be access to power (for the heater) and a waterproof floor.

We provide saunas to gyms, hotels, spas, and commercial establishments throughout Ireland, the UK, and Europe. Our models are built well, made from high-quality materials, and worth the investment!