Are you working from home and have no quiet space for it? A garden office is a great solution to that problem. It adds privacy to your workspace, so you can focus and be as efficient as possible with your daily tasks. 

It’s known that a garden office can be an expensive addition to your home. But, it will also add value to your property and it will give you the opportunity to create a private space where you can enjoy a peaceful time for years to come in the comfort of your own home. A garden office is a great way to make your home more comfortable for yourself and raise its worth at the same time. It provides you with an area where you can focus solely on work and projects, separating home life from your work life, giving you a great balance between them. A home office can also be used in multifunctional ways. 

A garden office is a luxurious addition to any home. It can be great for entertaining or just relaxing and spending time with family. Apart from the benefits of having a garden office in your own home, these rooms are also beneficial to your health. Spending time surrounded by the beauty of your own backyard is calming for the nervous system and stress levels that come along with busy and noisy everyday life.

Is it starting to sound more and more like an amazing idea for your own home? Continue reading to find out everything you should know before committing to this investment.


Do Garden Offices Add Value?


A garden office gives you the chance to have privacy and calm during your work time. Being able to focus and concentrate uninterrupted is important. But home office is not the only option this garden house could be used for. It can be transformed into any needed room fast. 

A garden office is a luxury addition to any home because of the variety of options it can be used for. A garden office may be considered as an extension to an existing living space and it will have all the qualities of a traditional room such as windows, doors, walls and roof. Therefore it can be turned into any necessary extra space for your home.

Adding a garden office to your house could be an excellent way to increase your property value as well. A garden office adds extra space, a chance for complete privacy and also a modern design element for the backyard. It makes the property more desirable for a potential buyer.

A potential buyer will see lots of value in such an addition. Houses that offer a little extra for the living space, don’t stay on the market for too long. It is a lot easier and more convenient for a potential home buyer to purchase a house with the required extras already added. It means less work, less expenses and no stress for taking on a new project as a home buyer right from the beginning. 

A garden office will surely add value to your home. Whether it be the value that it gives by additional space, peaceful work time and privacy or the financial value through higher market price and extra interest from buyers.


How Much Do They Cost?


Garden offices are a new alternative option for homeowners looking to add space for working from home situations. It is a great addition if you are in need of some privacy.

People who have invested in a garden office have expressed their happiness about the way it has improved their lifestyle and work. A garden office can cost anything from 2,500 EUR to 25,000 EUR and more. It depends on the size and design of the garden office, as well as add-ons that are chosen with the garden office model. Your garden house should always stay within your budget and by purchasing one from a respectable company, you can be assured to get the best service. 

A garden office is not just an office but also a bedroom and a living room. It can be used as an additional bedroom if one is needed or a playroom for the kids to have fun in. It provides a multifunctional space.

Are They Worth It?


Garden offices and garden houses are a growing trend. People are choosing to add extra space to their home, which is separate from the main house. Working in a separate office area creates a good balance between work and home life. 

Garden office is a good investment because of the many benefits it adds to the property. And there are many to consider. Firstly, a garden office is one of the few types of rooms that can be added at any time. Secondly, a garden office can be used for many different purposes. Your needs and imagination are the limits. Lastly, a garden office will increase property value. 

By adding a garden office as an extension isn’t only for work, that can be also used to create more living space and make it more inviting. For example, using it as an additional bedroom allows you to have a separate space for friends and family who are visiting. This offers them privacy and will guarantee a great visit. It can be also used as a relaxing lounge room with views of the beautiful garden and peace from the noises of nature. 

It is a good investment for your property, giving you a large number of benefits and opportunities to use it as. As well as making the property more valuable and desirable on the real estate market. Adding a garden office is definitely worth it!

Do You Need Planning Permission for a Garden Room?


If you’re thinking about adding a new building to your garden or perhaps planning on getting a log cabin as a summer house, then it is wise to make sure that your desired garden room doesn’t need planning permission. 

Your new garden house needs to meet a certain type of criteria for it to be built. If your garden room meets all of them, then you can install and build a garden room without any planning permission. Here are the necessary conditions:

  • Size restrictions.

The law states that you are allowed to construct a garden building up to a maximum size of 25 m2 (270 sq. ft.) provided you leave 25 m2 of free space in your garden.


  • Height restrictions.

For single pitch roof (also known as a pent roof) buildings, the height restriction is 3 m. For tiled or slated pitched roofs the height restriction is 4 m.


  • Position of windows.

Windows cannot be placed within 1 m of a neighbour’s boundary.


If you want to know more about planning permissions for your new garden room, you can read about them HERE.


Garden office solves many problems and is a multifunctional addition to your home. Working from your own space where the focus is better and work gets done faster, adds so much value to everyday life. It’s easy to get distracted when working from home, but having a separate office building will make working more organized and successful. 

Garden offices are helpful and add a modern touch to your home. With the additional market value rise, it is safe to say that garden offices add a lot of value to any home. With extra space, your home will be more enjoyable and if you ever need to place your home on the market, then a garden office will make it more desirable to buyers. Pick out your new garden office today and bring this value to your home as well! It’s an investment to your home.