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  • What are carports
  • Benefits of carports
  • Types of carports
  • Buying a carport - checklist


What are carports?

A carport is a permanent shelter for a vehicle with open sides and is usually attached to the side of a building and has become very versatile. Carports have several uses in today's modern homes; they are no longer used only for vehicles.


Think of carports as a home for your car. Although they can be aesthetically pleasing, modern carports are extraordinarily functional and have become very affordable. They are made out of galvanised steel, tin, wood, or aluminium in today's market.

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Benefits of carports

Here are some benefits of having a carport:

  • They save money. A carport is a smaller investment than building a garage. So, if your budget is tight but still need to add some protection for your car outside, a carport is the most cost-effective solution.
  • Protects your car(s). It protects your vehicle from the elements. The more the paint fades, snow, hail and other natural elements like wind beat down on it will eventually damage the car.
  • Aesthetically pleasing. Carports are an excellent addition to your home. They can be built as lavish or straightforward as you desire. Not to mention, it should help your home value go up.


What will you use your carport for?

As mentioned, carports are no longer just used for storing cars. Many styles are available, and buyers can have paralysis from an enormous number of custom selections for what they want the carport for. One of the first things buyers should ask themselves is the following:


  • What am I using the carport for?
  • Will I be using the carport for storage?
  • Should the carport be fully enclosed?
  • Will it be used as a garage?
  • How many cars and vehicles will it accommodate?
  • What plans do I have for this property?


Types of carport styles

Most companies offer a variety of carport styles. The three most popular options:


  • Regular Style
  • Boxed Eave Style
  • Vertical Style
  • Wooden Style


Regular style carports

Regular style carports are by far the most popular and the most affordable. The regular style carport consists of a circular frame design or, as some call it, a radius bend frame.


This means that the connection between the sidewalls and the roof is circular to allow sheets to run from the top down to the sides, without any connection.


Boxed-eave style carports

The boxed eave style carport is like the regular style carport, except it is more of an A-frame roof. Note that this type of building is often used just for its appearance and is typically made of metal, meaning it will require a lot of welded work to connect the roof with the side sheets. 


Vertical style carports

The vertical style carport is similar to the boxed eave style. It is more recommended for areas that see significant snowfall throughout the year. Its roof shape permits the snow to drop off the sides. The name vertical is the way the roof is installed, meaning the sheets are installed where the ridges run from the centre of the building to the sides. As mentioned, this is important because it allows rain, snow, and leaves to run off the sides instead of staying on the roof.


Wooden style carports

Much like the carports mentioned above, wooden ones are similar in style. Still, they have a better aesthetic look complemented with a more durable style that is also easy to install.


What's more, wooden carports are a sustainably friendly investment – protecting your vehicle now and potentially boosting the value and saleability of the property in future. And if you don't want to part with your new wooden carport, you don't have to as it can be easily disabled too and taken to your new home.

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Buying a carport - the checklist

Check local planning laws

Once you have decided what you will be using your carport for, it's time to get informed. Before doing anything else, ensure you contact your local council and know whether to add a carport to the property. If your council/county requires permits, you will need to purchase a certified permit.


Your driveway, space or land must be level

Most businesses will not install a carport if the driveway or car parking space is not level (even/flat). Others may install them if they have a clause in their contract, meaning the work is not under warranty.


A carport installed on uneven ground will cause enormous problems later on, for instance, structure issues, especially if fully enclosed.



Ensure that you consider all options before selecting a carport, and once you've made your decision, the next step is to check the width of your building.


This step should be pretty easy since you already know what you will be using this carport for and what style you are looking for. Most companies offer a variety of widths. You will need to determine what you wish to be stored under your carport.


Some options can be:

  • Single car, truck, caravan
  • Two compact vehicles (electric vehicles/city cars)
  • Two midsize cars or 1 SUV
  • One large truck/farming vehicle


Your needs will determine the length of your building. Most businesses can provide carports with an infinite amount of length provided you have the space for it. 


Must roofs be slanting?

On carports, water tends to stay on the roof until it evaporates, is removed manually, or is installed in a slope and runs off one of the ends. Longer buildings are usually made with connections. So, if the roof is flat, the connection tends to stay wet. Rust or rot problems occur and are the primary reason why slanting roofs are recommended.


Side height "the legs"

The leg height on most buildings starts at 1.5 metres. When selecting your building height, always keep in mind future upgrades, and determine the appropriate size. Most brands have a centre clearance of at least half a metre higher than the leg height.



All brands offer extras for your carport sides and ends. As with the roofs, if you plan to get different extras, we highly recommend getting them when you purchase your building. All businesses charge a fee for delivery and installation on additional upgrades after the carport has been installed, so if you need some extras, purchase them when choosing your building.


Closing sides and ends

Closing the sides and ends of your building offers more excellent protection against elements. All brands offer the ability to complete both sides and stop if you so wish and provide a selection of sides and ends.


Gables and J trims

Roofs offer an excellent way for you to hide the frame of your building when looked at from the front or back. Roofs come with horizontal and slanting options as well.


Most customers get irritated because they are not made aware of the additional fees if purchased separately. A gable end adds a finish appearance to your building and, in some cases, a little bit of extra support. If you buy them, we highly encourage you to do so when you purchase your building.


Buying a wooden carport

In addition to its vast array of benefits, a carport is generally a practical, easy and affordable solution for your vehicle's daily protection. It is more economical than a regular metal or brick garage, as getting a wood carport costs less.


Even on a budget, you can have an excellent wooden carport for one or two cars constructed on your property, far less expensive than building even a small garage building.


Plus, wooden carports are much easier to install, either yourself or professionally done. Because of its ease, the wooden carport is much cheaper to instal and thus is more cost-efficient. Being able to choose among a more extensive range of sizes and models, you can select the optimal variant for you.


As a design choice, a wooden carport is an elegant and modern looking solution, made of slow-grown Nordic timber. A wooden carport can add an additional design feature to your home without being over-bearing and obstructive. 


Buyers can easily modify the style if you need to spruce up the carports' appearance. Owners can also choose between flat slanting roof construction, best matching  dual taste and current home design. 


As mentioned, wooden carports arrive in full kits that are either DIY or ready for professional installaion with all the necessary components included. Although, if you would prefer to receive help with the installation of your carport or garage please contact us and we can help arrange this service.


Purchasing a new carport or wooden garage is now easier than ever. Why not explore our options here and view what we have to offer.