Do you want to work from home or are you already doing just that? If so, you might want to get a garden office. Now you might be wondering, is it really worth it, why not just work in your home? 

We’ll there are a few very important reasons why you need a garden office this year. You might have heard only the negatives like how expensive it is or how much space it takes up. There are a few drawbacks, but a workspace in your backyard also has a lot of benefits. 

Don't believe me? This article will cover some of the most important benefits of having one of these structures in your backyard. Take a look at the list below, I'm sure you'll be surprised. 

Reasons Why You Need A Garden Office

Still on the fence about getting a garden office? Here are a few reasons why one might just be the best thing that’s ever happened to you. Let’s take a look.

  1. Increased productivity

Working outside surrounded by nature can do wonders for your productivity. The stunning view of your garden along with all the little creatures that frequent it will create a peaceful environment away from the hustle of busy office spaces. 

This way, you can focus on work without getting distracted by everyone going about their business around you. It’s also the perfect place to make conference calls since no one will interrupt and start talking too loudly near your work area. This is especially important if you have little kids running around your home. 

  1. Improved work/life balance

Having your office separate from your home will help you to draw the line between work and family. If you work where you’re supposed to enjoy your off time, you might start to feel guilty and stressed if you aren’t busy with work stuff. 

By separating your office space from your personal space, you can avoid this problem altogether. This is just one of the many reasons why you need a garden office. 

Do you have a few small kids running around? That is another reason to separate your office from your main house. Kids having harmless fun can get bits of food on important documents. They might also use your important files to doodle on and I’m sure you’re aware of the amount of noise they can make. If you don’t want this to happen, rather invest in a separate building where the kids can be restricted. 

  1. Great for mental health

Nature has a way to calm the mind. Having an office in your garden will definitely open up more time in nature. This in turn will reduce stress, increase productivity and feelings of self-worth since you’re actually getting things done. 

If this isn't one of the best reasons why you need a garden office, you'll also get to experience some peace and quiet when you need it most. You can look at it as an escape from all the chaos of a normal workday. 

Being in the garden instead of inside your house will also change your normal working environment. You can set up your garden office in such a way that you can either work inside it or lounge in front of it. This way mixing up your normal routine might inspire some new motivation and increase productivity.

  1. Your work area is private

Unlike commercial office spaces in large companies, your personal garden work area is private. You won’t need to worry about important documents going missing. You are also the only one using the space so you can organise your office however you like. 

If you need a large whiteboard against the wall to plan your next move, you won’t need to worry about someone unexpectedly erasing all your important work. The best part, you can have your pets in the office whenever you like for some extra cuddles. No one will know so they can’t complain. 

  1. It’s more affordable than a rented office

Putting up an office in your garden is much more affordable than renting an office space in a busy business district. If you want the least stress with the highest productivity rate, you should definitely try working in your garden. 

Garden offices will save you a lot of money in the long run. You don’t need to spend money on fuel every day to commute to your job, and you won’t need to pay a whole lot of rent either. You might think these offices are expensive, but after doing the research you’ll be surprised by the benefits. 

That also brings us to the next point… 

  1. Garden offices can add value to your property

You might not be aware of this, but an office building in your garden can actually add some value to your property if done well. A well-designed garden office can add a wow factor to your already outstandingly gorgeous backyard. 

These offices are also less expensive than typical expansions. They are also much less invasive and don’t require full garden office planning permission. That means there is no waiting time to get it approved by the council. 

  1. You can create a personalized workspace 

To keep your stress levels down and your mood great, you can decorate your garden office exactly the way you like. This means having a bed for your pet under the desk, putting down your favourite throwing rug, adding a comfy couch, putting up family pictures or even hanging plants all over the place. 

Nobody can tell you what your workspace must look like. If you’re someone that likes organised chaos, then a garden office will be the perfect place to do just that. You can also design your garden office buildings in such a way that they fit perfectly into the style of your existing garden. 

  1. No more stressful commuting 

The worst part of working in a commercial office space is the commuting. If you can work from home, a garden office will cut out all the stressful commuting you have to do every single day. That leaves your schedule open to rather spend the time you’ve freed up with your family or friends. 

If you’ve already been working from home, a garden office will give you a place to have in-person meetings without having to spotlessly clean your home every time, or drive through horrible traffic to get to a meeting point. Everyone knows how difficult it can be to juggle cleaning up after kids, pets and life partners and still get your work done on time. 

  1. Eco friendly

Having a garden office allows you to have a much smaller carbon footprint. How? Cutting out daily commuting removes a lot of exhaust fumes from the air. These structures are also usually made of wood which means you’ll be releasing fewer chemicals into the environment compared to plastic, brick and cement structures. 

There are a few studies that even suggest that wood binds harmful chemicals. This makes it much better for your health to be in a garden office where you spend a lot of time instead of being inside your home. 

  1. No planning permissions needed

Like mentioned previously, putting up a semi-permanent structure doesn’t require you to have permission to build. If you’re not sure, however, do make sure to check the regulations in your area. Not all areas will allow you to build this office without permission. 

If your area does allow it, you can immediately order the garden building of your choice. The building will be delivered on the set date and set up in your backyard. If you’re unsure of the process, contact us directly and we’ll walk you through it. 


Is it worth getting a garden office?

Yes, you don’t have to ask me twice. Garden offices are so much nicer than working inside a home and obviously an office. If you have the option to get one, I’d say go for it! Do make sure to do your research beforehand, however. 

What is a comfortable size for a garden office?

Garden offices come in many sizes. Generally speaking, the smallest ones are around 2.4 by 3 meters (8’x10’). The most popular sizes, however, are 3.7 by 3 meters (12’x10’) and 3.7 by 2.4 meters (12’x8’). This leaves you enough space to comfortably fit everything you need without feeling cramped and trapped in there. 

Does a garden office need security?

It depends. If you live in a safe area, you might not need security, but if the area is a little dodgy, you might need some security. If you’re worried, you can have a garden office alarm installed for your peace of mind. There are many different kinds of alarm systems out there, so make sure to choose one that suits your needs. 

How can I get internet in garden office buildings?

It’s very simple to get internet in your garden office. If the building is close enough to your main house you might be able to get wifi from the main building. You can also install internet in your garden office directly. Just contact an internet provider tell them that you need internet in garden office buildings. You’ll be sorted in no time. 

Can I get a garden office with a toilet?

A garden office generally doesn’t have its own plumbing. You can get a toilet for your it, but that will require some building. If you want to do that, you might need permission from the council in your area. Make sure to check before you start to do anything. 

Final Thoughts

Now that you have a few reasons why you need a garden office in your life, it’s time to consider a few ideas. You can read our article on garden office ideas to find the best style for you. Do make sure to do your research before committing to anything. 

You will need to contact the council in your area to make sure if any planning permission is required and then contact us to order your garden office directly.

Ready to start a new work adventure?

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